The founding theme of Blue is human contact with water. Corporal as well as spiritual, actually rid of the practical value. Most of the photographs show the spot where water touches land, where elements meet, the beginning and end, the line of the waves on the beach, the shoreline, the rocks. People are of small size in comparison to the waves, they look deeply into the water, they float on its surface, dive into the blue depths. Images of solitude happen there, and power of the elements, walls of water and oceanic depths. There also happen images where water is contained, tamed it serves people in oceanariums or aquariums. Blue does not stop at that at the level of documenting.
Here we will find a series of issues connected to art, photography, human attitude toward nature. While in contact with these photographs the viewer becomes both relaxed and filled with longing for the vast spaces, longing for freedom as if he felt the iodine in the air as well.

Authors: Magdalena Ujma
Artists: Tomek Niewiadomski

Designed by Michał Łojewski | White Cat Studio
30 x 24 cm
128 pages
39 duotone and 19 color ills.

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